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 I am Southern California based photographer capturing your families authentic stories.  My work is my passion. You can consider me your family historian. Photography for me is more than documenting a moment in time. It's capturing how you feel in that moment with those you love. Preserving the memories in a way that will allow you to reflect back in time. Those moments pass so quickly but they can be preserved for a lifetime. Reminding you how deeply you loved and how exceptionally you lived.

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I Love Watching Lifetime movies and netflix

My Favorite color is Teal and Orange

My Favorite Movie is Crooklyn and Love & Basketball

I was so grateful, for the compassion and professionalism that Slice's of Life displayed., Sheena and the audio/video person that actually captured the gravesite services made the process of trying to conduct a service during the COVID pandemic much easier. I'm forever grateful for what seemed like dealing with a friend, as appose to just a professional doing a job. I felt so at ease and comfortable with suggestions made/offered, prior to and during the actual service. I will recommend Slices of Life to anyone looking to have their Loved one's services preserved. Now I have this to share with friends and family at anytime.

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I'm sure your wondering just why anyone would want to document a memorial. The reality is that death is just as important as any other chapter in our lives. You don't realize how valuable those moments are until they are gone. Funerals often bring families together. However, it's also the last time you may see some family and friends.

Since I was a child I had a profound love for photographs. I Loved to look through my grandmothers old photo albums. When my grandmother the matriarch of my family passed. My family just wasn't the same.

   I wanted to do something special for her one last time I wanted to celebrate and remember her in a special way. The only way to hold on to the memories is to not just document it but preserve it forever. The day is often a blur and I realized so many experience this same emotions. Living without them doesn't mean forget them. I am here to help you document your loved one's final journey.

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